Two things that hit me hard after losing Erin. The quiet and companionship. Sorry, I am human and need that interaction as we all do. The billion dollar question is when. I thought I was ready. I feel that I am. Society says I am rushing things. Wait, when did society decide what is best for me? I thought I was supposed to know when I am ready? I see others many months if not years out still not ready to get involved. I don’t want that. I did nothing wrong in this. Why should I be “punished” by waiting X months or years? If you have the official handbook on how this works, please share with me. Apologies in advance for the emotions on this episode. As a dude, not supposed to do this. That is what society says, right? Keep grinding. Thanks for tuning in.

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  1. Crystal

    Excellent thoughts!! My thoughts, nothing in life is really normal. You live your life the way it feels right. Don’t subscribe to societal norms.

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