About Me

My name is Kwesi. My wife of 20 years, Erin, unexpectedly died in Dec of 2018. This podcast is my audio journal of working through the process of a sudden loss. I suck at grammar, hence this route. I ran a podcast network for three years but after Erin’s death, my head was not there to continue. You might have heard a cast or two back in the day (PodWabbit Network). We will revisit in 2020 if that will be a thing again. Until that time, I am trying to get myself right and get through each day on this uncomfortable rollercoaster ride. I am not a grief counselor and this podcast is not intended as any form of what one must do. Two of my goals is not to stay stuck on the sidelines and find companionship again. Thank you for stopping by and please consider subscribing and sharing the podcast. Please be kind to others. You have no idea what they may be going through. Oh, and hug a loved one. You never know it that will be the last time you see them. Thank you.

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