• Umbrella

    Bit of a lengthy episode. Share some thoughts on perspectives gained after a recent visit back to my hometown to see family and friends. My struggles of not have a […]

  • EMDR

    Sharing the story of my visit with my therapist today on a procedure to help deal with potential PTSD in light of performing CPR on Erin. I found it to […]

  • Triggers

    Some positives, some rough patches and now, for the first time in my journey, facing triggers more often. Fearful when they will show up. I may have my game face […]

  • Kombucha

    Updates including a new 21 day challenge, hiking, dreams, book update and how I am doing. I hope this find you well!

  • Cleared

    Got the official word from the doctor. I am cleared. A few other observations and updates.

  • 180

    What day and what a way to honor the moment of six months since losing my wife. I share what led up to yesterday, how what I planned was perfect. […]

  • Noon

    A glance at the clock opened up large cache of thoughts and feelings.

  • Curve

    Went to bed like any other night before. Really felt in a good place. Woke up from a disturbing dream. I hate you lord grief and my subconscious brain!

  • Deli

    I learned something at the deli counter the other day and in the parking. Perspective on so many things on this path I walk! Plus a few more updates. Really […]

  • DeFunk

    Sometimes a hike is what my body needs. I had another dream. Words with friends encounter and update on the diabetes sitch. Thanks for stopping by!

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