• Year of Firsts*

    When going through a loss, the first year is big. Getting through the first birthday, holiday(s), anniversaries, etc. The asterisk means there may be firsts that happen after the first […]

  • ADL

    I spoke on this topic last year. I revisit as part of the new theme for this podcast. At the end, update on how things are going. Some changes coming […]

  • Support and Signs

    As promised, first episode coming out on a weekly basis. There may be a few in between but the plan is a new episode every Monday. This is a long […]

  • Format change to this podcast

    Short update

  • WE WON!

    Some of the best news I’ve had in a long time. Been grinning ear to ear since 2:17 PM PT! (strong language. Get your ear muffs)

  • Option A or Option B

    Which will it be? Also, a shift is coming. A few hints in this episode with more details to follow. Nothing bad. All good!

  • Tacos. A State of Mind.

    Taco is now a way of life for me. From being in the moment to who I want to be with. A lot of work and thought has gone into […]

  • “Others are struggling” And Your Point Is?

    Breaking one of my golden rules. Aren’t rules meant to be broken? This is a long episode. Have plenty of snacks nearby.

  • Calming My Brain

    Had a very lazy and productive weekend. That is an example of the power the word “and” has. The two can coexist. I also got my first rejection and I […]

  • Online Presence

    I have got something figured out that I am happy with!

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