• Acclimation

    Add this to another list of what I am doing in this phase of my journey. I know what needs to be done. Just need to work on getting there.

  • After Life and Dr. Teal’s

    A TV show and a bubble bath

  • The Here and Now

    I think I have found my way to finding a new definition of self. I’ve talked about this. It worked last week. Let me try this out along with embracing […]

  • Never Going To Live This Down!

    I am not the sharpest tool in the shed. But I had a good day. Just learned I used a tad but too much of something last week.

  • New Definition of Self

    Today was a really good day even though I did not do a lot. A good hike, some football and even something not going my way leads me going to […]

  • A Story- Erin v.1

    At the suggestion of a good friend, I am going to start sharing some stories about Erin. I always said, if you knew her, you knew what a fun person […]

  • Good ol Nachos!

    Could not think of a title. It was a good day and I had nachos! Oh, I love this book, Ready Player 1!

  • Fireball

    I got to try something new tonight. Oh, and it was a better day. I will take it! Thank you for listening.

  • Insta Buddy

    I almost did not release this episode. A peek into a mind that is still struggling to figure it out and hold it together.

  • Potato Pancakes

    Today was another good day. I found a new favorite place. If only it were closer. But I wanted it, and I got it! I hope this finds you well.

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