• Poker

    During this process, you never know when the waves will come ashore. Today, I feel like I am dealing with them better. Some general updates since the last episode. Thanks […]

  • Holidays

    They suck. Sorry, they do. For those of us that lose loved one, it’s a big F you while others sit by the warm fire enjoying a hot chocolate. But […]

  • Lifestyle

    No longer work or a grind or a struggle. It’s a lifestyle in terms of what I eat, when I exercise, how I make me happy and even the way […]

  • JoyTears

    All in the same feeling. These are good feelings. It just hit me and this is what that felt like for me. Hang in there. It will come for you […]

  • Compositions1.0

    Sharing an update since last episode and some of Erin’s journal entry. Nothing private will be shared. But I want to share a little more of who she was. Someone […]

  • Unmatch

    Finally did it. Focus on me. When the time is right, kick it old school.

  • 6.99

    Odd title. I know. Some thoughts on my mind as I know I am good. But at what point can I start doing good for others? I think I already […]

  • Waterfalls

    The lessons continue with hiking. Some updates and as usual, roll the tape. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Lenses

    Sorry to get all philly on you but I got a new set of lenses over four months ago and my perspective on many things have changed.

  • Me

    As I move along this journey, the focus has now shifted. Doing what is right for me. Making me happy. Answering to me. It’s not being selfish. It’s what feels […]

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