• Health

    In particular, your physical health. Do not overlook it if you are working through a sudden loss. It is quick to easily forget, hey, gotta eat. When is the last […]

  • ADLs

    Also known as activities of daily living. Something we should not forget about as we work through a sudden loss. Few updates to kick off this episode. Thanks for tuning […]

  • Companionship

    Two things that hit me hard after losing Erin. The quiet and companionship. Sorry, I am human and need that interaction as we all do. The billion dollar question is […]

  • Reintroduction

    Some of you may have heard this on a previous podcasts. Others, this will be your first time. I take some time to share who Erin was. A wonderful person […]

  • Welcome

    Welcome aboard as I journal my journey on this rollercoaster ride that I never wanted to get on. That as a widower losing my spouse after 20 years together. In […]

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