• Funk

    In a bit of one. This really is an episode for me to get some things off my chest why I am. I will be ok. I am ok. Just […]

  • Orbit

    If you found your way here from a social media post, welcome! I will share the story and if you have time, stick around for more. I am not click […]

  • Value

    This is something that we all should do. Not just those of us walking this journey of losing a loved one. Take stock in those people and things around you. […]

  • Tested

    In terms of actually being asked about being introduced to someone. My reaction, update on the book and how things are going. Hope this finds you well!

  • Playbook

    I am at a new fork in the road on this journey. The vision is clear. The mind is right. The body feels good. Excited to take these next steps!

  • 5.8

    Seven years in the making. Some days I thought I’d never beat diabetes. The only downside. Not having someone here to celebrate with. I now live a lifestyle that makes […]

  • Buffet

    A few updates and some thoughts over the past week. A lot of lessons learned. Some bittersweet items on the plate.

  • Poker

    During this process, you never know when the waves will come ashore. Today, I feel like I am dealing with them better. Some general updates since the last episode. Thanks […]

  • Holidays

    They suck. Sorry, they do. For those of us that lose loved one, it’s a big F you while others sit by the warm fire enjoying a hot chocolate. But […]

  • Lifestyle

    No longer work or a grind or a struggle. It’s a lifestyle in terms of what I eat, when I exercise, how I make me happy and even the way […]

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