• Mr. October

    Some thoughts percolating in my head of late

  • Contact

    I was able to make contact with two widows via phone* today. I learned a lot from their stories but more importantly, found others that I understand and they understand […]

  • Social Media Cleanup Aisle 14

    I’m also losing interest in sports. Is this a phase? But I had a good day doing nothing. I will take it.

  • Comeback

    Today was the opposite of yesterday. And no, yesterday was not a set back. It was yesterday.

  • Setback

    At the moment it occurred, it felt like one. Really nothing much else to say here.

  • Word Up

    And the word today is good. WARNING: There is bad singing to start. Like, really bad!

  • Acclimation

    Add this to another list of what I am doing in this phase of my journey. I know what needs to be done. Just need to work on getting there.

  • After Life and Dr. Teal’s

    A TV show and a bubble bath

  • The Here and Now

    I think I have found my way to finding a new definition of self. I’ve talked about this. It worked last week. Let me try this out along with embracing […]

  • Never Going To Live This Down!

    I am not the sharpest tool in the shed. But I had a good day. Just learned I used a tad but too much of something last week.

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