• Metamorphisis

    Progress is being made with clarity and purpose. I have got this and have had some awesome help along the way!

  • What Just Happened?

    I tuned into a mindful meditation clip and something strange that I can’t explain just happened. And it felt good. I really am not sure what or how else to […]

  • Pedicure

    A few updates on what was a fun day. Time to do more and speak less. Well, I will keep speaking but there has to be an equal amount of […]

  • Balance

    Working on it and so much more. Slowing down. Working on my mind. Falling down. Getting back up. Surviving each day.

  • My Space

    Major teaching moment occurred. This podcast will end Jan 1 or 2, 2020. When is the last time you did something fun for yourself. Oh, take care of your self […]

  • The Octagon

    lord grief and I continue to do battle. This time, a dream about Erin. She was happy. The what if, what should have been was the battle this time. The […]

  • Shift

    This week was a really big deal for me. So much learned. So much reflection. Still so many things I can continue to do, add and tweak. Focused on doing […]


    I don’t even want to say anymore here. Roll the tape!

  • Big Milestone!

    For the first time, I believe and feel I have turned a corner in this journey for the better. Surviving my first birthday without Erin was a major step forward. […]

  • Poker Trigger

    Lesson learned last night. I will not let grief win! Also, I hope the audio is ok. With an upgrade to a new operating system, my old standby editor is […]

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