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  • Singularity

    One of the issues that those of us face after losing a spouse is what to do in terms of having another relationship or not. I have thought about it […]

  • 90

    It’s been three months since Erin died. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

  • Motivated

    Going to skip typing a bunch of stuff here and let the episode do the talking. Warning. 49 min of talking. But good talking! Thanks for stopping by,

  • Progress

    I am by no means out of the woods but I am making progress as I approach 90 days since Erin died. I hope you are making progress in your […]

  • Crying

    Did not expect to record this nor expect to have a breakdown tonight. You quickly learn when dealing with death and dying, never plan for anything and plan for everything. […]

  • Nighttime

    I knew the alone factor was tough. Found that out day two. This past weekend, nighttime hit me as what is going to be tough moving forward. Not having someone […]

  • Plans

    After getting a pair of hikers yesterday, took that much needed trip away from the city to Sandstone Quarry at Red Rock Canyon. I found a spot, sat, thought and […]

  • Waves

    You may have heard the story how grief is synonymous with the waves crashing upon shore. In the early stages of grief, waves hit hard and often. Yesterday, they came […]

  • Hurricane

    After what was several great days, something said, hold on there Mr. You need to come back to earth and grieve some more. I just want to be happy. I […]

  • Viewing

    WARNING: This episode contains my accounts of the funeral home experience. If this is something that might be painful to listen based on a past or current experience, now might […]

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