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  • Unmatch

    Finally did it. Focus on me. When the time is right, kick it old school.

  • 6.99

    Odd title. I know. Some thoughts on my mind as I know I am good. But at what point can I start doing good for others? I think I already […]

  • Waterfalls

    The lessons continue with hiking. Some updates and as usual, roll the tape. Thanks for stopping by.

  • Lenses

    Sorry to get all philly on you but I got a new set of lenses over four months ago and my perspective on many things have changed.

  • Me

    As I move along this journey, the focus has now shifted. Doing what is right for me. Making me happy. Answering to me. It’s not being selfish. It’s what feels […]

  • Instant

    We are a text or phone call away from our world being rocked. I am reminded even as I walk this journey, to not slip and take it or others […]

  • Poderating

    No particular subject. Just the krazy wabbit talking. Might be some carrots in the episode you can chew on that can help in your journey. Thanks for stopping by. Connect […]

  • Ready

    I have made the decision that while I am happy making me happy, I am now ready for the possibility of a relationship. It does come with a caveat or […]

  • Dentist

    I never thought a trip to the dentist office would provide clarity. Enough typing, roll the tape. Thank you for listening.

  • 200

    A major milestone that had the potential to never happen. So many moments of growth occurred today. No more typing. Roll the tape. And thanks for stopping by.

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