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  • Plans

    After getting a pair of hikers yesterday, took that much needed trip away from the city to Sandstone Quarry at Red Rock Canyon. I found a spot, sat, thought and […]

  • Waves

    You may have heard the story how grief is synonymous with the waves crashing upon shore. In the early stages of grief, waves hit hard and often. Yesterday, they came […]

  • Hurricane

    After what was several great days, something said, hold on there Mr. You need to come back to earth and grieve some more. I just want to be happy. I […]

  • Viewing

    WARNING: This episode contains my accounts of the funeral home experience. If this is something that might be painful to listen based on a past or current experience, now might […]

  • Remembered

    Ran across this post that made sense, hit a few good nerves and reminded me of a few things. Why we do what we do when it comes to remembering […]

  • Community

    Social media for me has been a community. It was not always that way but with the death of Erin, so many in the social media community have been instrumental […]

  • Breakthrough

    Words can’t describe my happiness right now and MAN did I need this. Oh, fasting sugar today, 97. I got this! I share some other great news that has happened […]

  • Memories

    Re-visiting memories of Erin from a photo book my sister in law put together. Fond memories on one hand. Frustration on the other of what could’ve and should’ve been many […]

  • Podorating

    In this episode, it’s just some random thoughts. No particular topic. Hope this finds you well. Photo credit:

  • Health

    In particular, your physical health. Do not overlook it if you are working through a sudden loss. It is quick to easily forget, hey, gotta eat. When is the last […]

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