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  • 11 Months

    Another bittersweet day. What is it with the universe this past week? Last week, moving to Vegas 10 years ago and losing my brother 20 years ago on the same […]

  • Scalpel

    48 years. Never one surgical operation. That is about to change. Yet there were some positives that came out of an ER visit.

  • Lucidity

    A dream last night. Up for interpretation. What matters is what it meant to me. This episode talks about that and two big take aways. Hope this finds you well.

  • Dr. K

    Sharing a bit about my brother who died 20 years ago today. Miss him.

  • Metamorphisis

    Progress is being made with clarity and purpose. I have got this and have had some awesome help along the way!

  • What Just Happened?

    I tuned into a mindful meditation clip and something strange that I can’t explain just happened. And it felt good. I really am not sure what or how else to […]

  • Pedicure

    A few updates on what was a fun day. Time to do more and speak less. Well, I will keep speaking but there has to be an equal amount of […]

  • Balance

    Working on it and so much more. Slowing down. Working on my mind. Falling down. Getting back up. Surviving each day.

  • My Space

    Major teaching moment occurred. This podcast will end Jan 1 or 2, 2020. When is the last time you did something fun for yourself. Oh, take care of your self […]

  • The Octagon

    lord grief and I continue to do battle. This time, a dream about Erin. She was happy. The what if, what should have been was the battle this time. The […]

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