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  • After Life Part 2

    Season 2 of After Life was a good and at times, still, a tough watch. If you do watch it, be forewarned, especially if you are early in this journey. […]

  • A Grateful Encounter

    More positive growth from a chance encounter and how I responded once I found something out. Really happy with where I am at and headed.

  • Book Is Done! For Real!

    Finally. It’s almost been a year in the making but I finally wrapped up the book. A few details of what will be coming and what it means for this […]

  • I did it, explained

    This episode tells the story and emotions and lessons learned behind the last episode, I DID IT! Still riding high and foresee that ride to continue for a very long […]

  • I DID IT!

    I am beyond excited!!!!!

  • The “Commitee”

    A fun project I had been wanting to do for a while. Spent most of my Sunday working on this. This audio clip explains the picture. The post will be […]

  • Brain Babble. But I’m Happy!

    This is a very long episode. Like really long. It might not make sense to you. As long as it does for me and that is what really matters. Again, […]

  • Triggered. Dealt With It.

    I know these will happen. Getting better dealing with them but they will trip me up from time to time.

  • Vulnerability

    I believe there is a shift in my life that began April 4, 2020. I share some of those thoughts. It’s a bit lengthy with some colorful language. Be yourself. […]

  • Suggestion: Self Care

    So I am trying to label future episode with how I am moving forward. Suggestions, Rants or Personal Update. Hopefully it might help to find content you want to listen […]

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