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  • Pump Your Brakes!

    New direction of this podcast. 1. Offer suggestions to those on this journey of being widowed. You are not alone. I offer hope and inspiration. 2. I will vent and […]

  • I’m A Good Person

    Just when I think I have it figured out, I am reminded of what I am going through but more importantly, something I have missed hearing on the daily. I […]

  • $255. WTF

    So according to our government, my spouse was worth $255. You can’t put a price tag on someone’s life. But $255. One time. Ok.

  • Whole Again

    I continue to learn on this journey. Recently, I had another eye opening conversation. It’s what is right for me. I hope this finds you safe.

  • Online Dating. I’m Out!

    What a joke. What an absolute joke of an experience it has been for me. It may be for others. Some may have found love again. Me? Nope. Lost my […]

  • I’ve Been Ready For This Day

    With the current climate surrounding a certain current event taking place, I’ve actually been in training for the past year. Working from home the past five. Being on my own […]

  • Enjoying the Quiet

    Never thought I would ever say that! Clarity is continuing on this journey as I continue to find myself. I have missed me and glad he’s coming back.

  • New Path

    Feeling better about the new direction I am taking. 2020 is all about me. And that is not to sound selfish. For me, it’s the right thing to do.

  • Good Vibes

    I lost my way momentarily. Continue to learn. Lot of looking in the mirror lately.

  • I’m Ready To Date!

    It’s time. I share how I figured that out and what I’ve done to start.

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