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  • I Wish She Was Here

    Surgery may be on the horizon. I wish she was here for this. Continuing to learn, continuing to use my tools when things hit. Continuing to live and be kind […]

  • The Runnin Rabbits!

    An update. Things are going, well, hit play and find out!

  • I Survived

    Looking back in the last big milestones and surviving one year since losing Erin. What 2019, more specifically, death has taught me and plans for 2020 and this podcast. Thank […]

  • A Profound Moment

    I almost did not go through with something I had planned today. I am thankful that I did. Also, I know the next episode will be December 29th, 2019 as […]

  • Two Big Updates

    A decision I made regarding school in 2020 and a CES update. Very happy with the decisions.

  • Random Thoughts Defined Meanings

    Really did not have a title for this episode. Was going to say unknown title and last minute just made something up. But some good things have happened recently. Warning, […]

  • Prodromal – It’s Coming

    One year anniversary is approaching. Have that feeling coming on. Working to manage it. Knew this was coming.

  • Relationships. Backlogged

    My approach to a topic that is on all of our minds in this club. It’s taken almost a year to get to this point. I do not proclaim to […]

  • Phoenix, AZ – Lessons Learned

    A TON of lessons learned on what was my first “real” trip on my own in driving some place. Let’s roll the tape! Thank you for listening and I hope […]

  • New Podcast. More Progress

    Finally making my way into a new venture and really excited. This episode is simply sharing that. Because you know, no one here to share it with. Thanks for listening!

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