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  • The Morning Scrum v1.5

    Back at. What happened yesterday, plan for today, any blockers. I also get a bit side tracked on an issue. Be easy and thank you for listening.

  • The Morning Scrum v1.4

    Changing up the episode title. the v1.4. That’s just me being a nerd. Ignore! Let’s get into it.

  • Morning Therapy – Session 4

    Focus. Getting a new place. Excited! Doing well. Really!

  • Morning Therapy – Session 3

    Near the end, I provide a recap of my story to those listening for the first time. Prior, what happened yesterday, what I am doing today and any blockers.

  • Morning Therapy – Session 2

    Thoughts on yesterday as I get ready to start the day.

  • Morning Therapy – Session 1

    Trying something different. Instead of saying what that is here, let’s roll the tape.

  • Relationships

    One of the most frequently asked questions. When is it time? I share my story of dating and some suggestions that might help guide on your journey. The lack of […]

  • Strong

    There is a song titled, only the strong survive. I disagree. Only those that care for themselves survive. I share a painful decision I am making and why I have […]

  • Stories

    This episode explains why I am choosing the format of a story for the book I am working on. Updates how I am doing as well at the time of […]

  • Umbrella

    Bit of a lengthy episode. Share some thoughts on perspectives gained after a recent visit back to my hometown to see family and friends. My struggles of not have a […]

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