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  • Unmatched

    Big lesson learned for me. Sometimes it requires touching that hot stove. No need to really bang out any more keys here. I will let me talking do the rest.

  • Pivot

    In this episode, I try to explain why we change our minds from time to time or back out of doing something when last week, we said we would. For […]

  • Backyard

    The backyard that is Vegas has so many ways to help me heal. I took advantage of two. I plan to take advantage of a lot more. I LOVE this […]

  • Knockout

    Lord Grief came with the thunder the past 24 hours. Those waves that everyone talks about. They are real. Gotta hang on and keep fighting. What other option is there? […]

  • Growth

    I have reached another milestone. On social media, the need to no longer share everything. Pull back to the vest as I feel the progress I made has readied me […]

  • Singularity

    One of the issues that those of us face after losing a spouse is what to do in terms of having another relationship or not. I have thought about it […]

  • 90

    It’s been three months since Erin died. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

  • Motivated

    Going to skip typing a bunch of stuff here and let the episode do the talking. Warning. 49 min of talking. But good talking! Thanks for stopping by,

  • Progress

    I am by no means out of the woods but I am making progress as I approach 90 days since Erin died. I hope you are making progress in your […]

  • Crying

    Did not expect to record this nor expect to have a breakdown tonight. You quickly learn when dealing with death and dying, never plan for anything and plan for everything. […]