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  • Strip Walking

    Sometimes it’s good to get out of the house. I am reminded why I like this town. Bear with me as I work through all of these thoughts in my […]

  • Conversation Saved Me

    Having a moment until a friend called and helped me on two fronts.

  • Enter Sandman

    Getting back to just talking about my day. Nothing to riveting. I still find value in talking. I hope you find some value in listening. If not, first round is […]

  • Open to the Possibility

    Sometimes on this journey, I’ve learned things. Learned things about myself. I miss something. Something important. Even with everything I have done. I have to be open to the possibility […]

  • Surprise Visit

    Friendship is one of the keys of this journey. Ones who truly care about you. This past Friday, I got to spend the evening with a close friend. I will […]

  • Doing Good. Borderline Great.

    Let the tape do the talking! Thanks for stopping by!

  • A New Home!

    I really have no words. It feels right and great!


    Shortest episode I believe. You don’t even need to listen to this. I will be back in a few days. SO NEEDED THIS DAY TO ARRIVE! Be easy and thank […]

  • The Morning Scrum v2.8

    It’s Christmas Eve! I’m on cloud 8! Roll tape! Thanks for stopping by!

  • The Morning Scrum v2.7

    I met someone yesterday. Ok, not really. Roll tape!

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